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Aim of the action

In this ECOSTBio Action we create a network of both experimental and theoretician research groups that will tackle a diversity of chemical problems where spin is an important factor. This will be achieved by the joint creation of a SPINSTATE database of systems with known spin states and spin-related properties. This freely accessible database will be of great benefit for the scientific community at large, and will lead to scientific and technological advances. Based on it we will exert explicit control of spin states of transition-metal compounds through rational design of ligand coordination. The interactions of theorists and experimentalists will create a synergy, helping theoreticians to validate their models and experimentalists to improve the performances of novel materials with desired properties.

Organizational structure ECOSTBio

ChairMarcel Swart
Vice-ChairCarole Duboc
Leader WG1 (SPINSTATE database)Maja Gruden-Pavlovic
Leader WG2 (Enzymatic spin states)Jeremy Harvey, Matthias Stein
Leader WG3 (Spin crossover)Rob Deeth
Leader WG4 (Biomimetic spin states)Kallol Ray
Short-Term Scientific Missions CoordinatorCarole Duboc
Grant HolderUniversitat de Girona
Website ManagerMarcel Swart
Dissemination ManagerWesley Browne
Internal MonitoringWesley Browne

Management Committee

The actual composition of the Management Committee can be found at the CM1305 page at the COST website, where also the dates of signing up by the participating countries can be found.
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