We have started with setting up the SPINSTATE database.

It is intended to be a combination of the ioChem-BD database for computational chemistry with RSC's ChemSpider database for experimental results.

The ioChem-BD database system has been described in J. Chem. Inf. Model. 2015, 55, 95-103.
ioChem-BD server in Girona for ECOSTBio
We have a dedicated ioChem-BD server in Girona up and running which will be used for intra-ECOSTBio sharing of results.

The "Create" part of ioChem-BD concerns the private sharing of results between ECOSTBio participants.
The "Browse" part deals with publicly available data resulting from research carried out in the research groups participating in COST Action CM1305 (ECOSTBio).

Accounts have been made for all ECOSTBio participants, which need to be activated
(contact the Chair at ecostbio at gmail.com).
More information: ecostbio@gmail.com
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