Short-Term Scientific Missions

The aim of Short-Term Scientific Missions (STSMs) is to contribute to the scientific objectives of the ECOSTBio Action. These exchange visits (from 1 week to 3 months) are aimed at strengthening the ECOSTBio network by allowing scientists to go to an ECOSTBio institution/laboratory in another COST Country to foster collaboration, to learn a new technique or to take measurements using instruments and/or methods not available in their own institution/laboratory.
The STSMs should lead to a joint publication, acknowledging COST Action CM1305 and the STSM Reference number.

All ECOSTBio members and their students/colleagues involved in WG activities are invited to submit one or more STSM applications.

The applications can be submitted at any time, but the STSM should start and end within the same budget period (e.g. May 1, 2016-April 30, 2017).

The applications should be submitted through:

STSM Manager
Dr. Carole Duboc, Vice-Chair (mail).

Detailed information
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