Fifth scientific workshop: Kraków, September 8-9, 2016

Organizers: Prof. Ewa Brocławik, Dr. Tomasz Borowski (Polish Academy of Sciences), Dr. Mariusz Radoń (Jagiellonian University)

See this annotated map with all important locations on it.

Hotel IBIS Krakow Centrum

      Street address: Syrokomli 2

      Tel. (+48)12-299-33-00

      Fax. (+48)12-299-33-33





How to get from the airport to the hotel?

For people coming to Krakow by plane: Krakow International Airport (John Paul II Airport) is located ~10 km west of the city center.

Official website of the Airport: | How to get to Krakow Airport


By public transport - option 1

      The best option is to take Bus 252. The bus departs roughly every 40 min from the bus stop located ~150 m from the the passenger terminal (exit Terminal 1, turn right and walk the sidewalk). The bus timetable can be found at e.g.

      Exit the bus 252 at the stop "Jubilat". The hotel is within ca. 100 m distance from the "Jubilat" bus stop. See [map] for the location of the hotel and bus stops.


By public transport - option 2

      Take train from the Airport to the Krakow city center. At the airport the train station is located near the passenger terminal, at the rear of the multi-storey car park. Current timetable is available here.

      Exit the train at station "Krakow Łobzow". After exiting the platforms turn left and walk ~100 m to reach the bus stop "Łobzow PKP" (you have to cross Wrocławska Street). From here, take bus 144 (direction: "Rżąka") or 194 (direction: "Czerwone Maki") to the bus stop "Jubilat". The hotel is within ca. 100 m distance from the "Jubilat" bus stop [map].



      The taxi ranks are located in front of the passenger terminal.

      Krakow Airport Taxi is the official taxi service at the airport.



How to get from the central railway station ("Krakow Głowny") to the hotel?

For people coming to Krakow by train: Exit the railway station to Pawia Street, the bus stop "Dworzec Głowny Zachod" is located 20 meters from the entrance. Take the bus 179 (direction: "Os. Kurdwanow"). Get off the bus at the "Jubilat" bus stop. The hotel is then within a walking distance [map].



How to get from the hotel to the venue?


The suggested route is shown in the [map]. The total distance to walk is about 1 km (15 min).


Walk first along Syrokomli Street and turn right into Dunin-Wąssowicza Street; then turn left and walk along Krasińskiego Avenue to reach the crossing with Focha Street (in front of you: the main headquarters of the National Museum in Krakow, on the left: Błonia Park). Turn slightly left and walk along Trzeciego Maja Avenue parallel to the tram tracks. On the next crossing, turn right and continue along Oleandry Street (you are passing along the main library building of Jagiellonian University, to the right). Turn left into Ingardena Street, where the Faculty of Chemistry building is located.

Kraków Kraków Kraków
[images reproduced with permission from Nico Trinkhaus, Jan Mehlicc h and interpolsk]
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