Sixth scientific workshop: Lisboa, March 30-31, 2017

Organizers: Dr. Ricardo Louro (Univ. Nova de Lisboa), Dr. Paulo Martinho (Univ. Lisboa)

time item
Wednesday March 29

all dayEurope: Travel to Lisboa
20.00-23.30Carcavelos city center: Informal dinner
Thursday March 30

Scientific sessions (Hotel Riviera)
08.30-09.00 Registration
Session Chair: Peter Weinberger
09.00-09.15 Opening of the workshop
09.15-09.55 Keynote lecture: E. Fortunato
09.55-10.15 Scientific talk: P. Comba
10.15-10.35 Scientific talk: M. Srnec
10.35-10.40 GROUP PICTURE
10.40-11.10 Coffee + Poster session
11.10-11.30 Scientific talk: J. McGrady
11.30-11.50 Scientific talk: M. Cimpoesu
11.50-12.10 Scientific talk: S. Suarez
12.10-12.30 Scientific talk: Y. Garcia
12.30-14.30 Light lunch

Session Chair: Hans-Jörg Krüger
14.30-15.10 Keynote lecture: C. Limberg
15.10-15.30 Scientific talk: M. Orio
15.30-15.50 Scientific talk: D. de Sousa
15.50-16.10 Scientific talk: M. Feldt
16.10-17.20 Coffee + Poster session
17.20-17.40 Scientific talk: J. Isaac
17.40-18.00 Scientific talk: M. Melchor
20.00-23.30 Hotel Riviera: Conference dinner
Friday March 31
Session Chair: Grace Morgan
08.30-09.10 Keynote lecture: J. Simaan
09.10-09.30 Scientific talk: B. Le Guennic
09.30-09.50 Scientific talk: M. Halcrow
09.50-10.10 Scientific talk: E. Fournier
10.10-10.40 Coffee + Poster session
10.40-11.00 Scientific talk: A. Carvalho
11.00-11.20 Scientific talk: M. Zlatar
11.20-11.40 Scientific talk: M. Desage-El Murr
11.40-12.00 Scientific talk: M. Sensi
12.00-12.20 Scientific talk: M. Ahlquist
12.20-14.20 Light lunch
Session Chair: Carole Duboc
14.20-15.10 Invited lecture: P. Holland
15.10-15.20 Closing of the workshop
15.20-15.55 WG meetings
16.00-17.30 MC meeting
20.00-23.30 Carcavelos city center: Informal dinner
Saturday April 1

all day Europe: Travel back home
With support from Portuguese Society of Chemistry
Sociedade Portuguesa de Química
Lisboa Lisboa Lisboa Lisboa Lisboa Lisboa

International Invited Experts

Keynote speakers

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